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  • An incredible last minute rescue from a ... Wild & Crazy


    Catastrophic events during a recent New Years Eve in Yekaterinburg. There would be precious little celebrating this evening for the citys firemen. Despite their best efforts, a spectacular electrica...

  • Smoking Garage Wild & Crazy


    On the outskirts of Moscow a small garage starts smoking. And were not talking menthol lights here, folks. A team of firemen arrive on the scene. This sort of carfire isnt that much of a challenge t...

  • Car on fire Wild & Crazy


    Its time for more cars to blow up. Heres the big finish to a huge auto show and festival in Moscow. Perhaps its a combo auto show and pyromaniac festival. Firefighters calmly put out the flames as ...

  • Fireworks Barge on Fire Wild & Crazy


    Its a big festival in the city of Nizhny Novgorod. A fireworks show was designed to be the big capper to a day of celebration. Something went wrong early on and a fire started on the barge.

  • Im on FIRE! Wild & Crazy


    A gaggle of suburban thrill-seekers meet on weekends to, basically, tempt fate. Theyre a group of amateur stuntmen which, in some circles is code for uninsurable.

  • Garland Wild & Crazy


    If you play with fire, youre likely to get burned. Even in places of eternal peace.

  • Santa Claus Wild & Crazy


    A Santas life is fraught with danger. If its not some smelly kid on your lap, its some other pesky kid setting your Santa suit on fire with a sparkler.

  • In the middle of a field a tractor catch... Wild & Crazy


    In the middle of a field a tractor catches fire. Moments later, firemen arrive on the scene, but just when they need it most, a water pump fails and theres suddenly virtually no pressure. So a brave ...

  • A gas explosion in Moscow on Victory Day Theory of Catastrophes


    It's the evening of May 9, 2009 and the people of Moscow are celebrating Victory Day. But no fireworks can match the fantastic spectacle taking place on the ground: Namely an enormous explosion, the ...

  • Fire in SberBank in Vladivostok The Most Shocking Videos-2


    Vladivostok. January 2006. A nine-floor office building. The last three floors are occupied by the Sberbank. At about 12 o'clock a fire started between the sixth and seventh floors. There was no alarm...

  • A fire in Ostankino TV tower The Most Shocking Videos-2


    27 August 2000. At 15:08 in the control center if the Metropolitan Fire Service a message arrives about a fire in the antenna part of the Ostankino TV tower. 10 minutes later the firemen are on the sc...

  • Fire in Ostankino Tower in Moscow Theory of Catastrophes


    Backtrack 8 years earlier to August of 2000 and another landmark Moscow fire. Overheated cables catch fire in the antenna section of the Ostankino (ah-STAN-keeno) TV tower, which, at 1772 feet, is the...

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