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  • A young man takes a deadly plunge Wild & Crazy


    There’s a great commotion in this block of flats as a young man tries valiantly to stop his suicidal friend from killing himself. The friend manages to grab the doomed young man - by his pants.

  • An incredible circus stunt - almost! Wild & Crazy


    The acrobats always hope to stick the landing, but not this time. The gymnast lands, but fails to quite get his balance on the stilt. He falls down, his head hits the floor and he momentarily loses co...

  • Killer Truck Tire Wild & Crazy


    What started out as a fun day at the truck races ended in tragedy as a truck lost a wheel that ended up careening into a crowd of spectators. The runaway tire ended up killing two 10-year-old boys. Pa...

  • Fire in SberBank in Vladivostok The Most Shocking Videos-2


    Vladivostok. January 2006. A nine-floor office building. The last three floors are occupied by the Sberbank. At about 12 o'clock a fire started between the sixth and seventh floors. There was no alarm...

  • Sinking of the ferryboat "Estonia" The Most Shocking Videos-2


    September 27, 1994. The Ferryboat "Estonia" was sailing on its usual route - from Tallinn to Stockholm. On board were more than one thousand people. That night there was a storm on the Baltic Sea. A s...

  • Crash at air show claims the lives of hu... The Most Shocking Videos-2


    The city of Lvov, July 27, 2002. The military airfield Sknylov was crowded with people who came to see an air show with military aircraft. Though, in seconds the show turned into a terrible massacre f...

  • The tragedy at an air show in Levashovo Theory of Catastrophes


    It's June of 2001. And tragedy is in the air at the Levashovo Airfield near St. Petersburg. That morning, pilots of an elite squadron were preparing for an airshow performance. What they didn't know...

  • A Tragic Helicopter Accident Wild & Crazy


    During an air show near St. Petersburg, Russia, a pilot puts his helicopter through its paces. Captivated, the air show audience is completely unaware of what's about to happen.The pilot miscalculates...

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