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  • Im on FIRE! Wild & Crazy


    A gaggle of suburban thrill-seekers meet on weekends to, basically, tempt fate. Theyre a group of amateur stuntmen which, in some circles is code for uninsurable.

  • A Fireworks storeon fire! Wild & Crazy


    Heres some rare footage of a fireworks store on fire. With a fire like this, the idea is more to try to contain it than to extinguish it. Its a lot like when an ammunition storehouse burns, but a bi...

  • An incredible rescue from a burning apar... Wild & Crazy


    A fire has broken out on the fourth floor of an apartment building. A woman is trapped in the burning apartment. She gets to a window the last source of breathable air, and her last hope of survival...

  • Jump over Fire Wild & Crazy


    This young daredevil belongs to a group of extreme risk-takers called the Gloom Team. Here hes pouring a flammable liquid over his clothes. The liquid has worked too well and hes now basically on ...

  • Fire in SberBank in Vladivostok The Most Shocking Videos-2


    Vladivostok. January 2006. A nine-floor office building. The last three floors are occupied by the Sberbank. At about 12 o'clock a fire started between the sixth and seventh floors. There was no alarm...

  • Forest fires in Australia The Most Shocking Videos-2


    In 2001, the majority of Australians were not been able to properly celebrate their Christmas holidays. The south of the country was covered by fire. About 5 thousand firefighters were battling the bl...

  • Crash at air show claims the lives of hu... The Most Shocking Videos-2


    The city of Lvov, July 27, 2002. The military airfield Sknylov was crowded with people who came to see an air show with military aircraft. Though, in seconds the show turned into a terrible massacre f...

  • Fiery Jumper Survival of The Dumbest


    This guy, for example, decided to portray a Fiery Jumper. This is a character from Russian fairy talesa blazing girl who appears from campfires, dances around and drives the good peasant folks crazy ...

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