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  • Car Race Crash Wild & Crazy


    And heres a pretty similar situation, except this time with full sized cars going at full speed. This racer crashes into a group of spectators gathered on the hill. Miraculously, here too, only one p...

  • The Nose Dive Calambur (Sketches)


    Transatlantic Jet Broiler 747 is having an emergency during its flight over the ocean. The crew is bravely trying to take control of the situation, fighting for the lives of the passengers.

  • The collapse of a small helicopter Wild & Crazy


    Here we have what seems to be a tiny little helicopter. In this case helicopter may be a bit grandiose. Its more like a little chair with a propeller. We can assume that it needs a little help to g...

  • Tales From The Lefortovsky Tunnel Wild & Crazy


    In the famous Lefortovsky tunnel in Moscow the surveillance camera are running 24 hours a day. Look, by the way, how quickly the police arrive on the scene of this crash. Thats gotta be some kind of ...

  • Icy Road & Car Crashes Wild & Crazy


    A large multi-car crash took place on a highway in Eastern Russia. On this particular day, ice had literally coated the road, causing it to be incredibly slippery. Even snow tires were completely usel...

  • The crash Wild & Crazy


    The driver was now stuck in a burning car. The rescue team isnt having any luck putting the fire out, so theyve got to get him out of there before its too late!

  • Swedish jet fighter crash Wild & Crazy


    A Swedish Air Force fighter pilot loses control of the plane over a residential neighborhood. It literally looks like he slame on the breaks. The plane falls to the ground where it explodes on impact,...

  • Motorcycle accident Wild & Crazy


    And here, before a motorcycle race, the racers ride around to warm up their bikes and themselves. Incredibly, a racer weaving in and out drives right into the path of another biker who cannot avoid th...

  • Incident in the city of Dubai Wild & Crazy


    This next incident took place in the city of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. One of the engines of this Russian Il-86 charter has Caught on fire, as you can see here in this footage shot by one of ...

  • Motorcycle death Wild & Crazy


    Moscow. August of 2002. This motorcycle race would be the last one for Vyacheslav Kanashin. He crashed, him skidded back onto the pavement (where the bike soon burst into flames) and eventually died w...

  • Car flips and turns Wild & Crazy


    The following is footage from the no-rules-race thats regularly run in Volgograd. With no rules and these Road Warrior-looking vehicles, crashes & cars rolling over are commonplace. Suddenly, theres...

  • Car crashes in the woods Wild & Crazy


    Here were in the middle of the 2004 Far East Autosport race. One of the racers takes an ill-advised short cut through the forest. The racer is the chief and co-host of the TV program Formula 27. Fort...

  • Extreme motorcycle madness Wild & Crazy


    Freestyle Motorcycle is one of the most complicated and dangerous sports around. It usually takes about two years of training to learn how to ride on one wheel, no matter which one. Two years of train...

  • A tragic air show accident Wild & Crazy


    This catastrophe took place during an air show in Lvov. An SU-27 fighter was coming out of a steep dive when the pilots realized theyd misjudged their altitude, saw they were going to crash and manag...

  • Weddings are an excellent source of the ... Wild & Crazy


    In Ivanovo, the city of Brides, it was the second day of a non-stop wedding party. A motorcyclist and his friend in the sidecar arrive only to drive by the bridal group and smash into the lawn of the ...

  • A pyrotechnic helicopter crash at an air... Wild & Crazy


    Small town outside Moscow. A fireworks show turns tragic as a helicopter shooting the fireworks catches fire and crashes to the ground.

  • If a car crashes in the woods,does it ma... Wild & Crazy


    During an auto race on a beautiful country track a driver loses control and runs into a group of spectators. Fortunately, everyone survived, but some people definitely needed medical attention.

  • Drunk driver Wild & Crazy


    Kazakhstan, the local highway patrol noticed a huge tractor-trailer dangerously swerving all over the road. The truck keeps driving into the on-coming traffic lane, risking a horrific crash each time....

  • Air crash in Magadan Wild & Crazy


    A small, 11-passenger plane is coming in for a landing at a provincial airport in Magadan. Unfortunately, the day before the planes arrival, the airfield here received a heavy blanketing of snow - wh...

  • Helicopter crash The Most Shocking Videos-1


    During an air show near St. Petersburg, Russia, a pilot is putting his helicopter through its paces. Captivated, the air show audience is completely unaware of whats about to happen.The pilot miscalc...

  • Plane crash in Dubai The Most Shocking Videos-1


    This catastrophe took place in Dubai. An Il-86 carrying Russian tourists prepares for landing. The only slight problem is that the pilots have, um, forgotten to deploy the landing gear! This one too w...

  • The Last Flight of Russian aircraft The Most Shocking Videos-1


    Its a calm Saturday afternoon. Were at aviation festival near Samara. The pilot flying the prototype is the famous Russian aircraft designer Igor Vakhrushev. What no one knows, however, is that this...

  • "Atypical situation" in Air Show in Swed... The Most Shocking Videos-1


    We call it a catastrophe. This took place in Stockholm. A Sweden Air Force fighter pilot crashed in a residential district. As a result, some of the local civilians on the ground were killed. Sadly, m...

  • Flight of the Batman on the roof The Most Shocking Videos-1


    Perhaps this St. Petersburg teenagers life just wasnt as wrought with danger and excitement as it couldve been. Well, for whatever reason, hes hatched a brilliant scheme to fly from one roof to an...

  • The accident on the snow race The Most Shocking Videos-1


    This race was going full tilt when one of the cars rolled over. Despite the accident, the race continued. Within seconds, an opponents car crashed into the rolled-over wreck. Followed by another cras...

  • Unbelievable crash during a wedding The Most Shocking Videos-1


    Youve heard of the tradition of carrying your new bride over the threshold. Well, for whatever reason this groom has decided to carry his new bride from the wedding to the threshold. On the highway. ...

  • Car runs into an old lady The Most Shocking Videos-1


    This rather remarkable footage was sent to us from Chelyabinsk, Russia. A car driving at a pretty good clip runs right into an elderly lady. She bounces off the hood like a basketball! Incredibly, the...

  • Accident in Moscow because of icy condit... The Most Shocking Videos-1


    This incident happened in Moscow last winter. The ice on the slope was so slippery that even snow tires were absolutely useless. 10 cars were damaged. Fortunately, none of the drivers were not serious...

  • Car accident in Maryland The Most Shocking Videos-2


    Nearly one hundred vehicles collided on a highway in the western part of the sate of Maryland, in the U.S.A.As a result, two people were killed, 80 suffered injuries of various severity. Cars and truc...

  • Train wreck in India The Most Shocking Videos-2


    September 2002. The wreck of a passenger train in India. The most terrible accident in the history of the country.More than a hundred people died. The tragedy occurred in the eastern state of Bihar, n...

  • Two trains collided The Most Shocking Videos-2


    May 28, 2008. Outskirts of Boston. Evening. Rush Hour. Near Newton Station, two commuter trains collided head on. Despite the crash and the fire that broke, there were no fatalities. Most passengers e...

  • Crash at air show claims the lives of hu... The Most Shocking Videos-2


    The city of Lvov, July 27, 2002. The military airfield Sknylov was crowded with people who came to see an air show with military aircraft. Though, in seconds the show turned into a terrible massacre f...

  • Aircraft crash in Perm Theory of Catastrophes


    September 15, 2008. A surveillance camera set up on the outskirts of the city of Perm captures the final seconds of the lives of the 87 passengers and crew members on a doomed airplane. The plane, en ...

  • Plane crash Theory of Catastrophes


    Flash forward to August of 2008. This footage was shot using a cell phone camera just a few seconds after yet another disastrous plane crash. An airliner sends out a distress signal, then disappears f...

  • The Russian snowmobile Wild & Crazy


    The Russian snowmobile can be a temperamental machine. This merry winter reveler has enough courage, or enough alcohol in his belly, to take a ride on this bucket of bolts.There's a ramp up ahead. All...

  • The tragic crash of a Russian KA-50 "Bla... Wild & Crazy


    Thefootage is some of the rarest we've got and involves the tragic crash of a Russian KA-50 "Black Shark" battle helicopter. As a result the entire crew, including the infamous Russian test-pilot Gene...

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