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Explosions in the Moscow Metro


Moscow. Its August 8th, 2000, Rush hour, about two minutes to 6, in the crowded underground crossing of the Pushkinskaya subway station. Its packed with people on their way home from work when disaster strikes. A fiery explosion. Screams, smoke and shrapnel flying everywhere. Its the morning rush hour of February 6, 2004 and a train on a different line of the Moscow subway is packed with over a thousand morning commuters. At roughly 8am a thunderous explosion goes off in the trains second car. The train was so long, though, that passengers in the last cars heard only a bang.The suicide bomber dies instantly, leaving the smell of death in the traincar. Toxic acrid smoke starts to spread throughout the tunnel. Panic ensues as passengers start breaking windows. Another August, another year, another act of terrorism in the Moscow subway system. At about 8pm on August 31, 2004, a female suicide bomber was about to go down into the Rizhskaya subway station and blow herself up, and take as many people as she could with her in the process. But she was frightened off by the sight of police officers checking documents and bags.


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