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  • Fetch! Not FOOT! Outrageous & Hilrarios
    New Collection Clips (HD only)


  • Daring bank robbery in Moscow Wild & Crazy


    A bank surveillance camera caught an audacious robbery in broad daylight. Keep an eye on the shady looking guy in sunglasses at the center of the screen. He goes towards the exit and, without warning…...

  • The terrorist attack on American embassy... Wild & Crazy


    Moscow. March of 1999. A man wearing camouflage gets out of a white SUV and attempts to shoot a grenade launcher at the American embassy. The police opened fire but the car was off like a shot.

  • The boat broke down first,and then began... Wild & Crazy


    On a lake in Kirghizia, a new motorboat is put through its paces. On the way, the boat rolled over and began to sink. At the very last moment it was lifted with the hoist and attached to the ship.

  • Crocodile bites man during a show in Tha... Wild & Crazy


    Crocodile farm in Thailand. With lightning speed the reptile suddenly grabs the man’s hand in his razor sharp teeth. His fellow trainers quickly start trying to set his hand free by unclenching the an...

  • Senseless Death by fire Wild & Crazy


    This senseless tragedy took place during a fire in a residential building. The fire swept the second floor. And a solitary man on the floor above seems to have lost his head, panicked, and jumped to h...

  • A bullfight gone bad Wild & Crazy


    A traditional Spanish bullfight is a mortal contest between man and bull. It usually lasts about two hours, and it usually winds up with a dead and bloodied animal. The public holds its breath as the ...

  • A young man tries to commit suicide by j... Wild & Crazy


    In a town near Moscow, a young man is on the roof of a school building. He avoids a rescuer trying to engage him in a dialogue, and paces the edge, as if trying to work up the nerve to step off.

  • Cart into the crowd of spectators Wild & Crazy


    Accidents can happen at every race, no matter what the sport. Even in Go Carting, one of the safest types of racing, as you’re about to see here. This driver misjudges his speed can’t break in time an...

  • Car Race Crash Wild & Crazy


    And here’s a pretty similar situation, except this time with full sized cars going at full speed. This racer crashes into a group of spectators gathered on the hill. Miraculously, here too, only one p...

  • Kitten Trapped In Wall Wild & Crazy


    This Moscow woman called the rescue team in to save her tiny kitten who had - somehow - gotten into the wall in her apartment and had gotten stuck there. She can hear him mewling.

  • Storm during a concert in Moscow Wild & Crazy


    During a big open air concert in Moscow, a storm blew in. The weather service had, erroneously, predicted the storm to hit much later on. The rain really started coming down and the public started lea...

  • Priests beat protesters Wild & Crazy


    At the Kazansky church in Voronezh, a local priest organized a rally in support of poorer priests from distant parishes. Incredibly, the scene was set for bad blood and even worse behavior. Local prie...

  • Patient falls out of ambulance Wild & Crazy


    In the middle of a Moscow tunnel, a patient falls out of the back of a moving ambulance. Somehow, the ambulance crew doesn’t seem to notice and so he’s left to his own fate. In a heap. Right there in...

  • The collapse of a small helicopter Wild & Crazy


    Here we have what seems to be a tiny little helicopter. In this case “helicopter” may be a bit grandiose. It’s more like a little chair with a propeller. We can assume that it needs a little help to g...

  • Local gang attack on tourists Wild & Crazy


    This odd incident took place at a park in Eastern Siberia. Somehow, some tourists have really annoyed a local gang of toughs. We don’t know what they said or did before the video starts but by the tim...

  • Runner Breaks Both Arms Wild & Crazy


    This footage is from a regional running competition that took place in the eastern town of Khabarovsk. The race begins normally. Then, all of a sudden, a runner stumbles, falls down and freakishly bre...

  • Tales From The Lefortovsky Tunnel Wild & Crazy


    In the famous Lefortovsky tunnel in Moscow the surveillance camera are running 24 hours a day. Look, by the way, how quickly the police arrive on the scene of this crash. That’s gotta be some kind of ...

  • Lightning struck a trolley-bus Wild & Crazy


    It’s a stormy night in central Russia. During an electrical storm, lightning hits a trolley-bus on a bridge. The bolt fries the bus’s electrical system and starts a fire.

  • Suicide time wedding Wild & Crazy


    During a wedding, the camera sees a suicide taking place in the background. Ironically, as their life begins together, his is ending right behind them.

  • Car knocks down pedestrian Wild & Crazy


    This next footage is from just outside of Moscow. Quickly, and out of nowhere a woman races across the avenue. Bam. The rule of thumb is if a person loses their shoes during a traffic accident, it’s u...

  • Fall of rider Wild & Crazy


    This next story is about Denis and his hugely powerful motorcycle. Together they can easily reach speeds of up to 200 miles per hour. Denis is clearly a bit of a show off. Here he shows the camera a t...

  • Parasailing TV Hostess Wild & Crazy


    And this is a story about Katya, who was shooting a piece about parasailing for a TV sports show. He brings her down one more time, unfortunately right in front of another boat which she meets with he...

  • Tulip Revolution and the displacement of... Wild & Crazy


    This amazing footage was taken in the capital city of Kyrgyzstan during the “Tulip revolution” of March 2005. A mostly peaceful mass uprising eventually ousted President Askar Akayev and his Stalinist...

  • Dog on the roof Wild & Crazy


    A concerned neighbor saw the dog up there and came to his rescue. He got up to the roof and gingerly approached the dog. He was nervous that if he got frightened or spooked, the animal might slip and...

  • Bathing babies in ice water Wild & Crazy


    And now for an activity that most of you have probably never seen before. To western eyes, such behavior seems insane, dangerous and completely irresponsible. Yet these Russian mothers are certain tha...

  • An incredible last minute rescue from a ... Wild & Crazy


    Catastrophic events during a recent New Year’s Eve in Yekaterinburg. There would be precious little celebrating this evening for the city’s firemen. Despite their best efforts, a spectacular electrica...

  • Salvation Suicide Wild & Crazy


    As you’re about to see, the St. Petersburg rescue rangers arrived one early evening right as a suicide victim was about to jump from the 6th floor. Will they be able to save him?

  • Tornado over Black Sea Wild & Crazy


    A Muscovite was vacationing on the Caucasian shore of the Black Sea. One day he happened to take his video camera down to the beach. However, this wasn’t just like “any other day”. What he saw was a s...

  • Synchronized Parachuting Accident Wild & Crazy


    This sort of synchronized parachuting is apparently one of the most dangerous in the sport. It’s also one of the most spectacular. In the middle of a stunt, the canopy of one parachute gets tangled wi...

  • Death Diver Under North Pole Wild & Crazy


    A famous Russian cold water diver wasn’t so lucky. This is footage from the North Pole. Russian divers are attempting to set a world record by diving here. The renowned diver Andrey Rozhkov goes in fi...

  • Drunken Wedding Fight on Ice Wild & Crazy


    No one knows for sure what started this fight. But what we’re missing in motivation, we’re more than making up for in stamina!We think the fight has something to do with still another Russian all day...

  • Smoking Garage Wild & Crazy


    On the outskirts of Moscow a small garage starts smoking. And we’re not talking menthol lights here, folks. A team of firemen arrive on the scene. This sort of carfire isn’t that much of a challenge t...

  • Natural disaster zone Wild & Crazy


    A pair of travelers decided to stop in Novorossiysk on their way home from the Caucasus. Perhaps if they’d heard the weather forecast, they might’ve kept going. At about the time they arrived, it star...

  • On Thin Ice Wild & Crazy


    Each spring in St. Petersburg, fishermen go fishing on thawing ice. Invariably, one of two things happens: either the ice breaks and a number of fishermen fall through or it splits off and they’re lef...

  • Minivan Blows Up Wild & Crazy


    A minivan is on fire in a Moscow parking lot. The owners of the burning van try to extinguish the fire on their own. Mmm, mmn, not gonna happen. Most of the interior cabin is still very much on fire. ...

  • Daring rescues Wild & Crazy


    Residents of the building discover an unhinged neighbor screaming out of his window that he’s going to kill himself. They call for help and a team of firemen arrives almost immediately, and begins rai...

  • The poachers Wild & Crazy


    This video could serve as a cautionary tale for spies, poachers and pirates. Don’t mess with Russia’s Frontier Troops.

  • Icy Road & Car Crashes Wild & Crazy


    A large multi-car crash took place on a highway in Eastern Russia. On this particular day, ice had literally coated the road, causing it to be incredibly slippery. Even snow tires were completely usel...

  • Ski Lift Accident Wild & Crazy


    This unlikely incident took place at a ski resort in the Caucasus. An unlucky woman got her parka caught on the chairlift and found herself hanging helplessly about ten or fifteen feet above the groun...

  • Dog stuck under concrete slabs Wild & Crazy


    This stray dog has spent two days stuck under these heavy concrete slabs. How he got in there is a bit of a mystery but the fact is he’s dehydrated and clearly too weak to get out on his own.

  • The crash Wild & Crazy


    The driver was now stuck in a burning car. The rescue team isn’t having any luck putting the fire out, so they’ve got to get him out of there before it’s too late!

  • Car on fire Wild & Crazy


    It’s time for more cars to blow up. Here’s the big finish to a huge auto show and festival in Moscow. Perhaps it’s a combo auto show and pyromaniac festival. Firefighters calmly put out the flames as ...

  • Rafting accidents Wild & Crazy


    Armed with a catamaran, a group of whitewater daredevils tries their luck on a tricky and tumultuous stretch of the Karelian river. These rapids claim a number of lives almost every year.

  • Plane Crash Wild & Crazy


    The year is 1989. This Russian plane is about to land in Tajikistan. But, as you’ll see in a moment, this is no ordinary landing. The plane touches down…hard. The landing gear shears off in the impact...

  • Chevy Blazer On Fire Wild & Crazy


    Most Russians consider foreign cars to be safer and more reliable than their domestic counterparts. Generally, this is a pretty fair assessment. Foreign cars like this American SUV, do run into troubl...

  • Fireworks Barge on Fire Wild & Crazy


    It’s a big festival in the city of Nizhny Novgorod. A fireworks show was designed to be the big capper to a day of celebration. Something went wrong early on and a fire started on the barge.

  • Swedish jet fighter crash Wild & Crazy


    A Swedish Air Force fighter pilot loses control of the plane over a residential neighborhood. It literally looks like he slame on the breaks. The plane falls to the ground where it explodes on impact,...

  • Horse Flips Over Wild & Crazy


    A big New Year’s show in Moscow included a number of horses and riders. It nearly became one rider’s last performance! The show’s going along fine until his horse takes a spectacular fall. Seemingly f...

  • Broken Arm in Jujitsu Wild & Crazy


    Unlike other martial arts, there aren’t a lot of rules in Jujitsu. Basically, competitors are not allowed to bite, scratch or attack each other’s eyes. Everything else is fair game. Here, a fighter e...

  • Incident in the city of Dubai Wild & Crazy


    This next incident took place in the city of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. One of the engines of this Russian Il-86 charter has Caught on fire, as you can see here in this footage shot by one of ...

  • An incredible circus stunt - almost! Wild & Crazy


    The acrobats always hope to stick the landing, but not this time. The gymnast lands, but fails to quite get his balance on the stilt. He falls down, his head hits the floor and he momentarily loses co...

  • Motorcycle death Wild & Crazy


    Moscow. August of 2002. This motorcycle race would be the last one for Vyacheslav Kanashin. He crashed, him skidded back onto the pavement (where the bike soon burst into flames) and eventually died w...

  • Motorcycle Wipeout Wild & Crazy


    This rider, in contrast, was pretty lucky. There’s a hiccup as he starts braking here and he wipes out.

  • Killer Truck Tire Wild & Crazy


    What started out as a fun day at the truck races ended in tragedy as a truck lost a wheel that ended up careening into a crowd of spectators. The runaway tire ended up killing two 10-year-old boys. Pa...

  • Horse falls on Man Wild & Crazy


    Alexey is a Moscow businessman who's also an avid travelar. Not long ago, he set out on a journey through Argentina. Argentinean mountain horses are smaller than other breeds. They usually only weigh ...

  • Bitumen Bath Wild & Crazy


    This accident took place in an oil refinery near Novosibirsk, Russia. Two workers fell into a tank filled with hot bitumen & began to sink.

  • Stuck in the Sewer Grate Wild & Crazy


    Man's foot slipped off the curb and got stuck in the narrow sewer grating. The grate was missing a bar or two, so his foot got inside and stayed there.

  • Freak Eats Glass, Razorblades Wild & Crazy


    And what do you do? “I’m a doctor” “I’m a lawyer” “I eat glass and razorblades and such”. “Oh that’s nice!” Ilya here has a rather, ah, unique diet as you can see. I don’t recall glass being one of th...

  • Propane explosion in an apartment house Wild & Crazy


    Propane can do wonders for cooking and heating homes. Sometimes, if conditions are right, say with a leaky old tank, it can destroy them as well.

  • Firefighters got into a fiery trap on th... Wild & Crazy


    And speaking of fires, here one of Tumen’s most recognizable skyscrapers is ablaze. Eight firemen and one cameraman are on the roof of the building. The firemen are fighting the fire and the cameraman...

  • Dangerous fall from snowmobiles Wild & Crazy


    Snowmobiles recently started making inroads into Russian sporting circles. Racers like them because they’ve got powerful engines and offer a lot of mobility on the seemingly ever-present snow. As alwa...

  • Fall of an acrobat performing in a circu... Wild & Crazy


    Accidents happen just often enough in the circus to keep the really macabre audience members coming back again and again. The acrobat fails to land where she was supposed to. She falls and is caught b...

  • Children faint during the speech choir Wild & Crazy


    Choral singing seems like one of the most harmless of children’s activities. But…hmm, what’s that? Maybe he was hungry? Or hasn’t mastered the breath control to sing for long stretches. On his way dow...

  • Circus tent blown away Wild & Crazy


    This footage was shot inside a traveling circus. And this footage was shot outside the traveling circus in hurricane-force winds. Spanish meteorologists informed the Circus that a hurricane was on its...

  • Unsuccessful jump parachutist Wild & Crazy


    Our friend here with the parachute has made hundreds, if not thousands of jumps. However, in all that time, he’s never had a landing quite like this one. Hard to say what was going through his mind. W...

  • Show bulls in the Spanish beach Wild & Crazy


    In many parts of Spain, traditional tourist entertainment on the beaches often includes a bull show. Though the locals guarantee the participants’ absolute safety, things can quickly get out of hand.

  • Car flips and turns Wild & Crazy


    The following is footage from the no-rules-race that’s regularly run in Volgograd. With no rules and these Road Warrior-looking vehicles, crashes & cars rolling over are commonplace. Suddenly, there’s...

  • Private detectives watching the wrong wo... Wild & Crazy


    Our last story is an exclusive tape from Irkutsk. Two friends run a private detective firm there. Today’s mission is to spy on the wife of one of the locals. Her husband suspects that she’s having an ...

  • Car crashes in the woods Wild & Crazy


    Here we’re in the middle of the 2004 Far East Autosport race. One of the racers takes an ill-advised short cut through the forest. The racer is the chief and co-host of the TV program Formula 27. Fort...

  • Nicaraguan Bullfighting Madness Wild & Crazy


    A Russian tourist visited a rodeo in Nicaragua and shot this footage. Here you can see a wild horse race and the taming of several enraged bulls all at pretty much the same time. According to the tour...

  • Horse falls on the rider during a perfor... Wild & Crazy


    During the opening of a theater festival in Moscow, one of the equine actors decides to go off script, with serious consequences. All of a sudden, the horse rears and falls on his unsuspecting rider.

  • The arrest of poachers in Samara Wild & Crazy


    During the autumn hunting season in Samara, poachers break the law nearly constantly. Though you need a hunting permit, most of the hunters checked don’t seem to have one. You’d think the lack of a li...

  • The Incredible super-flexible grasshoppe... Wild & Crazy


    This man was born with inverted knees. He’s been called the grasshopper man his whole life as a result, and he’s grown tired of all the attention to say the least. Here he’s traveled to Bishkek, the c...

  • The accident at the winter road racing Wild & Crazy


    A winter car race is almost over. a car loses control and slides off the track and keeps going through the snow, where it plows straight into the crowd.

  • Electric stuck in high voltage cables Wild & Crazy


    Working around high voltage wires is a tricky business, and one that should only be handled by professionals. This electrician found that out the hard way as he was performing a routine test. All of a...

  • Falling from a glider Wild & Crazy


    Hand-gliding is not quite as easy as it seems as you can see from these assorted mishaps. It’s important to be able to get up into the air smoothly, but, and it sounds obvious, but you also have to kn...

  • Extreme motorcycle madness Wild & Crazy


    Freestyle Motorcycle is one of the most complicated and dangerous sports around. It usually takes about two years of training to learn how to ride on one wheel, no matter which one. Two years of train...

  • Off the roof of an apartment house Wild & Crazy


    A large Moscow apartment building is on fire. The building seems to be enveloped in flames as thick grey and black smoke issues from the roof.

  • Tornado in the city Wild & Crazy


    Usually, when we think of tornadoes, we think of them wreaking havoc, typically, in dry dusty landlocked places. But clearly, as you can see, a tornado, technically in this case a waterspout, can appe...

  • A tragic air show accident Wild & Crazy


    This catastrophe took place during an air show in Lvov. An SU-27 fighter was coming out of a steep dive when the pilots realized they’d misjudged their altitude, saw they were going to crash and manag...

  • A dangerous fireworks show mishap Wild & Crazy


    Several years ago, the first Victory Day Celebration took place in Yakutsk. The fireworks salute was designed to be the high point of the festival. But clearly something went wrong with the fireworks....

  • Dangerous fireworks Wild & Crazy


    A merry group of revelers threw a party at a recreation center near Moscow. As the evening wore on, the crowd got to drinking and the atmosphere got well, rather raucous. When night fell, the group st...

  • Horse Drags Rider In Snow Wild & Crazy


    This next incident took place during a horseriding competition in Saratov. A young woman falls off her horse, getting her leg caught in the stirrup in the process. She starts screaming hysterically fo...

  • Finnish Skinheads try to finish off a Ru... Wild & Crazy


    Here’s a surveillance tape taken at a trade center building in Helsinki. For no discernible reason, a group of local skinheads attacks a Russian tourist.

  • Horse failed to hatch Wild & Crazy


    In Yekaterinburg, horseback riding is a favorite New Year’s Eve tradition. Here it’s nearly midnight, and there are just moments to go before the New Year begins. That’s when an incredible and - highl...

  • Horrific accident in the air Wild & Crazy


    The following incident took place during an air show in front of a large audience of aviation enthusiasts. Two of the fighter planes collide in mid-air. Only one of the pilots manages to eject and esc...

  • A fire in a highrise apartment house Wild & Crazy


    In a tall, non-descript Moscow apartment building, a fire breaks out on the 14th floor. Trying to escape the fire, the owner of the flat fled to the balcony. He’d rushed to the stairwell first but roa...

  • Paratrooper Dies Wild & Crazy


    This is footage from the opening ceremonies of a regional sports contest. The 'pre-game' show includes paratroopers landing on the field before the actual events begin. This paratrooper makes a terrib...

  • Terrible floods in Russia Wild & Crazy


    This grim story took place in a town in Southwest Russia. After unusually heavy rains, residents in one half of the town found themselves under water. Buses and trucks were sent to the rescue - to eva...

  • Junkie Girl Down Shaft Wild & Crazy


    The place is Nizhny Novgorod, Russia’s third largest city. The inhabitants of this apartment building called the emergency service saying that they heard muffled yells for help from inside the buildin...

  • A Fireworks store…on fire! Wild & Crazy


    Here’s some rare footage of a fireworks store on fire. With a fire like this, the idea is more to try to contain it than to extinguish it. It’s a lot like when an ammunition storehouse burns, but a bi...

  • Burst Pipe in Yekaterinburg Wild & Crazy


    Early one morning, a pipe burst under this Yekaterinburg auto shop’s parking lot. The ensuing torrent of water softened the earth around it, and above it, causing a sinkhole to form.

  • Fall from horse Wild & Crazy


    This next video should be made available to anyone who wants to go horseback riding without a helmet. Without one, this rider’s head would’ve looked more like a burst pi?ata spilling out gloopy gray p...

  • A young elk fell down into an open sewer... Wild & Crazy


    In a town in Western Russia, a young elk fell down into an open sewer. Fortunately, he didn’t break anything. Unfortunately, he’s stuck standing in, um, ‘sewer material’.

  • Toe of the avalanche on skier Wild & Crazy


    Searching for that elusive adrenaline rush, serious skiers & snowboarders head to high backcountry slopes - ungroomed, virgin snow that lies mostly above the tree-line. The skiing is amazing, but perh...

  • Tightrope walker Wild & Crazy


    The famous high-wire performer Adam Visitaev and his crew have trained for two years to set a new world record. They chose the dangerous Korodakh ravine for its rugged beauty and its immense height. H...

  • Girl lays on tracks Wild & Crazy


    This girl from St. Petersburg seems to have a little bit of an Anna Karenina complex. Unlike her ficticious heroine, she lays on the tracks just to get a self-prescribed dose of adrenaline.

  • Biker versus jeep Road Wars


  • Stunt man blows up Wild & Crazy


    Most stuntmen don’t consider car tricks all that dangerous. People have been filming car chases and other stunts for almost a century and have figured out most of the kinks. After the explosion, the c...

  • An incredible rescue from a burning apar... Wild & Crazy


    A fire has broken out on the fourth floor of an apartment building. A woman is trapped in the burning apartment. She gets to a window – the last source of breathable air, and her last hope of survival...

  • A pyrotechnic helicopter crash at an air... Wild & Crazy


    Small town outside Moscow. A fireworks show turns tragic as a helicopter shooting the fireworks catches fire and crashes to the ground.

  • If a car crashes in the woods,does it ma... Wild & Crazy


    During an auto race on a beautiful country track a driver loses control and runs into a group of spectators. Fortunately, everyone survived, but some people definitely needed medical attention.

  • Circus bear loses control Wild & Crazy


    Before performing circus tricks with live animals in front of an audience, the tricks must be vetted by a special circus committee. It’s pretty certain these performers and their bear from the Kazan c...

  • Car race and cameraman Wild & Crazy


    The sports desk of a local TV news program sent a cameraman to cover a car race. Cars were racing around, and flipping over - on the track, while the cameraman stood on the side of the roadway waiting...

  • A very drunk St. Petersburg man was on h... Wild & Crazy


    Man decided to take a short-cut across the frozen Neva river. Its late winter. And he’s no pixie. So on his way across the river, he stepped on some melting ice and went through. And nearly entirely u...

  • A horrible rockclimbing accident Wild & Crazy


    Their worst fears are realized when all of a sudden, the young man loses his grip. It’s pretty clear what happens next. The odds of anyone surviving such a rocky fall are virtually zero and sadly he d...

  • A truck went under ice Wild & Crazy


    In Russia, winter makes everything more difficult. It’s compounded by the fact that winter often feels like it’s about ten months long. Well, most truckers in this situation test the ice, calculate th...

  • Last flight Wild & Crazy


    Samara. Its aviation festival is known throughout the country. Here the famous Russian aircraft designer Igor Vakhrushev is preparing to pilot his latest creation. Neither he nor anyone else could ima...

  • Suicide Wild & Crazy


    Yekaterinburg. A depressed young man was discovered sitting on the edge of a roof for about an hour. Despite rescuer’s best efforts, he stubbornly refuses to engage them in a dialogue and keeps his si...

  • Drunk driver Wild & Crazy


    Kazakhstan, the local highway patrol noticed a huge tractor-trailer dangerously swerving all over the road. The truck keeps driving into the on-coming traffic lane, risking a horrific crash each time....

  • Auto racing Wild & Crazy


    A winter car race was going full tilt when one of the cars slid off the track, climbed a snowbank and rolled over. Spectators hurry to help the unlucky racer and, despite a jammed door, are able, even...

  • Dismantling criminal Wild & Crazy


    Saratov, a car burns out of control. Not coincidentally, the burning car belongs to a local Russian mafia boss. Two young men approach. One of them stops and throws something inside. Within a minute o...

  • In the middle of a field a tractor catch... Wild & Crazy


    In the middle of a field a tractor catches fire. Moments later, firemen arrive on the scene, but just when they need it most, a water pump fails and there’s suddenly virtually no pressure. So a brave ...

  • A suicidal man Wild & Crazy


    This footage was shot in the center of Moscow. These security cameras are on 24 hours a day. Turns out that’s a very lucky thing for one particular driver. On the right side of the frame, a suicidal m...

  • The whole truth about the crocodile bite The Most Shocking Videos-1


    The following happened during a performance on a crocodile farm in Thailand. At first this show went according to the script. The trainer lifted a crocodile and carried it around in a circle. Then sev...

  • Suicide on a Roof The Most Shocking Videos-1


    Yekaterinburg. A young, clearly suicidal, man is sitting on the edge of a roof for a full hour. Keeping silent, he ignores rescuers’ pleas and arguments. He seems to have made his ultimate decision. B...

  • Girl falls in competitions, breaking bot... The Most Shocking Videos-1


    The Far East. Khabarovsk. A Regional running competition. All of a sudden one of the runners stumbles and falls.The referees run up to help her. Turns out that she freakishly broke both arms. Looking ...

  • Helicopter crash The Most Shocking Videos-1


    During an air show near St. Petersburg, Russia, a pilot is putting his helicopter through its paces. Captivated, the air show audience is completely unaware of what’s about to happen.The pilot miscalc...

  • The Last Flight of Russian aircraft The Most Shocking Videos-1


    It’s a calm Saturday afternoon. We’re at aviation festival near Samara. The pilot flying the prototype is the famous Russian aircraft designer Igor Vakhrushev. What no one knows, however, is that this...

  • "Atypical situation" in Air Show in Swed... The Most Shocking Videos-1


    We call it a catastrophe. This took place in Stockholm. A Sweden Air Force fighter pilot crashed in a residential district. As a result, some of the local civilians on the ground were killed. Sadly, m...

  • Bear charges at a journalist The Most Shocking Videos-1


    A reporter from Samara TV is assigned to cover a story on bears in the traveling circus. She decides to give her report while standing next to a bear. As you can see, the animal starts out rather frie...

  • Tragic death of a bull fighter The Most Shocking Videos-1


    These unique shots were filmed during a Spanish bullfight. Here you can see that bullfighter is getting ready to fight. In a second, the bull will be released and the fight will begin. Suddenly, somet...

  • Mountain horse falls on her rider The Most Shocking Videos-1


    Alexey Volobaev, a businessman from Moscow, is an avid traveler.Not long ago, he set out on a journey through Argentina. Here he’s on an Argentinean Mountain Horse going almost straight up the muddy h...

  • Circus horse falls on the actress on his... The Most Shocking Videos-1


    During the opening of a theater festival in Moscow, one of the equine actors decides to go off script, with serious consequences. The Circus Horse is led on stage. All of a sudden, he rears and falls ...

  • Extreme Cycle The Most Shocking Videos-1


    Sasha is an Extreme sports program host who likes to try everything herself. This can get her into trouble sometimes. For example:Sasha decided to take a ride on a bicycle attached to a motorcycle. So...

  • Girl on a parachute crashes into boat The Most Shocking Videos-1


    The motorboat accelerates quickly, and the parachute and the girl shoot upwards. A strong downdraft pushes her down, pressing the parachute towards the water. Unfortunately, at about this time, a boat...

  • Motorcycle crash The Most Shocking Videos-1


    The scene is a motocross race in a suburb just outside of Moscow. Hills and other special obstacles have been created for the racers.This driver got a tough break – literally - during the jump. From a...

  • The accident on the snow race The Most Shocking Videos-1


    This race was going full tilt when one of the cars rolled over. Despite the accident, the race continued. Within seconds, an opponent’s car crashed into the rolled-over wreck. Followed by another cras...

  • Unbelievable crash during a wedding The Most Shocking Videos-1


    You’ve heard of the tradition of carrying your new bride over the threshold. Well, for whatever reason this groom has decided to carry his new bride from the wedding to the threshold. On the highway. ...

  • Car runs into an old lady The Most Shocking Videos-1


    This rather remarkable footage was sent to us from Chelyabinsk, Russia. A car driving at a pretty good clip runs right into an elderly lady. She bounces off the hood like a basketball! Incredibly, the...

  • A man jumped under the wheels of the car The Most Shocking Videos-1


    This footage was shot in the center of Moscow near midnight one night. The security camera is on all the time.Turns out that’s a very lucky thing for the driver of this car. Suddenly, a suicidal man t...

  • Accident in Moscow because of icy condit... The Most Shocking Videos-1


    This incident happened in Moscow last winter. The ice on the slope was so slippery that even snow tires were absolutely useless. 10 cars were damaged. Fortunately, none of the drivers were not serious...

  • Race car crashes into the public The Most Shocking Videos-1


    In this case a race is nearly finished. With just 4 minutes left and totally without warning things are about to get a lot more interesting. While turning, one of the cars spins out of control and end...

  • Garbage truck crashed into a parked car The Most Shocking Videos-1


    Apparently, anything can happen in Moscow! Here, either a garbage man really needed to park, and quickly, or the steering wheel of his garbage truck got stuck. Either way, as a result the truck runs i...

  • The truck overturned with a grain The Most Shocking Videos-1


    If you’re like us, you probably don’t see nearly enough grain truck accidents. Well, thankfully, that’s about to change. This unlucky grain truck drives up a ramp to discharge its payload. Who could i...

  • Car stuntman's fell on his head operator The Most Shocking Videos-1


    What you’re about to see is rare footage! A car attempts a jump from a spring-board called “the goat”. So the car hits the springboard and is launched into the air as the truck explodes. Somehow, now ...

  • The robber stuck in a ventilation shaft The Most Shocking Videos-1


    At midnight, the inhabitants of a Moscow apartment building were woken up by strange sounds. A rescue team was trying to remove a man stuck in a ventilation shaft. It took them nearly an hour and a ha...

  • Two workers fell into the hot bitumen The Most Shocking Videos-1


    This accident took place in an oil refinery near Novosibirsk, Russia. Two workers fell into a tank filled with hot bitumen and began to sink. Bitumen is a viscous substance produced from oil. It’s so ...

  • Suicide attempt The Most Shocking Videos-1


    In one of the outskirts of Moscow, terrified residents witness their neighbor attempting to commit suicide. They immediately call for help. Check out this dramatic rescue. The poor guy is either still...

  • Old Woman Gets Her Hand Stuck in a Toile... The Most Shocking Videos-1


    Turns out, this one’s no exception. This elderly woman never imagined she’d find herself in such a, let’s say, ‘delicate’ situation. Her story began innocently enough: she decided to clean her toilet....

  • The man drops the rod The Most Shocking Videos-1


    All sports can be dangerous for some, at some point. Take a look at what’s about to happen. Just so you know, he is attempting to lift about 180 kilograms, or nearly 400 pounds. I think it goes withou...

  • Brawl of football fans The Most Shocking Videos-1


    The soccer match began at 4 p.m. between CSKA and Saturn. A few minutes later, fans started throwing fireworks and torn-out seats onto the field. The problem was caused by almost 6,000 aggressive CSKA...

  • Kayakers overturned The Most Shocking Videos-1


    A group of kayakers set out to conquer a hazardous stretch of river in Karelia. The rapids turned out to be extremely treacherous and, on this day, nearly lethal. The boat rolled over and the brave pa...

  • The girl fell from a horse The Most Shocking Videos-1


    This accident took place at a horseriding competition in Saratov. A young woman falls off her horse, getting her leg caught in the stirrup. The horse dragged her for over 100 meters or about 300 feet.

  • A gas explosion in Moscow on Victory Day Theory of Catastrophes


    It's the evening of May 9, 2009 and the people of Moscow are celebrating Victory Day. But no fireworks can match the fantastic spectacle taking place on the ground: Namely an enormous explosion, the ...

  • Building explosions on Guryanov Street The Most Shocking Videos-2


    In September 1999, in Moscow there were a number of horrific attacks. September 8, at 00:10 a.m. the duty officer at EMERCOM received information about an explosion and fire in a residential building ...

  • The Descent of mudflows in Abrau Durso The Most Shocking Videos-2


    August 6, 2002. The Black Sea coast is hit by heavy rains. In the first few hours the rainfall was equivalent to a 2 month norm. The rains continued for several days. 7.Powerful mudflows started movin...

  • A fire in Ostankino TV tower The Most Shocking Videos-2


    27 August 2000. At 15:08 in the control center if the Metropolitan Fire Service a message arrives about a fire in the antenna part of the Ostankino TV tower. 10 minutes later the firemen are on the sc...

  • Norwegian ship caught in a storm The Most Shocking Videos-2


    The Norwegian fishing vessel Kadima was hit by an 8 magnitude storm in the Atlantic Ocean and did not survive. Water quickly started to fill up the holds, and the ship quickly started to sink, giving ...

  • Sinking of the ferryboat "Estonia" The Most Shocking Videos-2


    September 27, 1994. The Ferryboat "Estonia" was sailing on its usual route - from Tallinn to Stockholm. On board were more than one thousand people. That night there was a storm on the Baltic Sea. A s...

  • Burning yacht off the coast of Greece The Most Shocking Videos-2


    Fires are the second biggest cause, after storms, of shipping disasters. Ships, being complex and formidable mechanisms are often not upgraded for decades. Usually only when something gets broken, as ...

  • Building explosions on Kashirke street The Most Shocking Videos-2


    In September 1999, in Moscow there were a number of horrific attacks. An explosion of building Number 6/3 on Kashira Highway on September 13, at 5 a.m. in the morning. This time no one doubted that th...

  • Terrorism in Moscow subway The Most Shocking Videos-2


    Moscow. August 8, 2000. The underground crossing in the metro Pushkinskaya subway station. People were coming back home from work. The time was two minutes before six. At this moment an explosion went...

  • Car accident in Florida The Most Shocking Videos-2


    January 10, 2008, the largest highway in The U.S. was blocked with an unprecedented traffic accident. Early in the morning, more than 200 machines ran into each other on the highway in the state of Fl...

  • Car accident in Maryland The Most Shocking Videos-2


    Nearly one hundred vehicles collided on a highway in the western part of the sate of Maryland, in the U.S.A.As a result, two people were killed, 80 suffered injuries of various severity. Cars and truc...

  • Car accident in Venezuela The Most Shocking Videos-2


    On a Sunday morning in April on a highway near the city of Barcelona, in the province of Anzo?tegui, in the north-east of Venezuela, there was yet a terrible road accident with loss of life.

  • Car accident in Canada The Most Shocking Videos-2


    The accident happened on Thursday on the main highway between Toronto and Montreal. Heavy snowfall had reduced visibility to 300 meters. Due to the ice, a trailer truck jackknifed and blocked the way....

  • Oil spill in the Kerch The Most Shocking Videos-2


    The Strait of Kerch. It connects the Azov and the Black Seas. On November 11, 2007 near the Russian port of "Kavkaz" there were fifty nine vessels. A third of them oil tankers. That day the Strait of ...

  • Burning oil in Bashkortostan The Most Shocking Videos-2


    In Russia, the oil pipeline situation is getting worse. Oil, somewhere or other, is always leaking from old pipes, poisoning the land and water. Bashkiria is no exception. Repairs were underway on a p...

  • Landslides in Mexico The Most Shocking Videos-2


    October 1999. For almost a week a cyclone raged in Mexico, spawning storms which caused huge downpours. The amount of rainfall that week was several times higher than the annual norm. Dozens of small ...

  • Forest fires in Australia The Most Shocking Videos-2


    In 2001, the majority of Australians were not been able to properly celebrate their Christmas holidays. The south of the country was covered by fire. About 5 thousand firefighters were battling the bl...

  • Crach of tanker The Most Shocking Videos-2


    On March 24, 1989 the ""Exxon Valdiz"" oil tanker crashed. The vessel went off course and smashed into a reef. The resulting holes in the shipped caused 50 thousand tons of oil to spill into the water...

  • Mass poisoning caused by derailment of a... The Most Shocking Videos-2


    A freight train was moving through the Ozhigov Station in Lvov Region. In its tanks there was poisonous substance - yellow phosphorus. At 16:55 15 tanks, weighing 50 tons each were derailed and turned...

  • Environmental disaster in Romania The Most Shocking Videos-2


    January 2000. At a gold mine, located in Romania, there was the largest mining environmental disaster in the history of Europe. Into the Danube and Tisa Rivers about 100 thousand tons of industrial wa...

  • Train wreck in India The Most Shocking Videos-2


    September 2002. The wreck of a passenger train in India. The most terrible accident in the history of the country.More than a hundred people died. The tragedy occurred in the eastern state of Bihar, n...

  • An accident at the railway tracks in Fr... The Most Shocking Videos-2


    South-east France. June 2008. An accident at the railway tracks near the town Massongy in the Haute Saone Department. It happened at the 4 p.m. The School Bus was carrying students from the city of Ma...

  • Two trains collided The Most Shocking Videos-2


    May 28, 2008. Outskirts of Boston. Evening. Rush Hour. Near Newton Station, two commuter trains collided head on. Despite the crash and the fire that broke, there were no fatalities. Most passengers e...

  • Smoke in Moscow Theory of Catastrophes


    Moscow, it's the summer of 2002 and the city is coated with a thick haze of acrid black smoke. The smell is atrocious. The sun is barely visible in the mid day sky. Why? Because of a recent heatwave a...

  • Car accidents due to Smoke Theory of Catastrophes


    Summer peat fires not only destroyed houses but thick smoke from their fires was also responsible for decreased visibility on the roads, which in turn caused this seven car accident. Visibility was n...

  • A record flood in Lensk Theory of Catastrophes


    In 2001, due to a particularly cold winter, the Lena River had frozen almost all the way through. The ice at some places reached 25 to 30 feet thick, which was almost twice the norm. On the night of...

  • Hail in Nevinnomyssk Theory of Catastrophes


    And if all that water wasn't enough, Nevinnomyssk is again attacked from the sky! In just a few minutes, a short-lived but ferocious hail storm attacks the city with Pigeon-egg-sized hail balls, break...

  • Volcanic eruption in Kamchatka Theory of Catastrophes


    If Nevinnomyssk was suffering from too much water, authorities in Kamchatka were bracing for an onslaught of two of the other elements - earth and fire. Rescue squads had been on high alert for most ...

  • The strongest winter storm in the Black ... Theory of Catastrophes


    And like a really atrocious houseguest who shows up unannounced, overstays her welcome and leaves your place completely trashed, Hurricane Flora blew into the Black Sea port of Novorossiysk one day i...

  • Moscow, temperatures dropped to -40C Theory of Catastrophes


    In January of 2006, Muscovites could be forgiven for thinking they'd gone to sleep in their familiar city only to wake up the next morning in what felt like Antarctica. While heavily fortified resear...

  • Unusual snowy winter in southern Russia Theory of Catastrophes


    People in this southern Russian resort city had a similar, if less severe experience to their Moscow cousins. The same cold spell gave them a rare glimpse of winter, northern style. For the first time...

  • Terrorist seizes a bus filled with South... Theory of Catastrophes


    In October of 1995, an unknown terrorist seizes a bus filled with South Korean tourists near the Kremlin in Moscow. Armed with a pistol and a bomb, he demands $10 million and an airplane to make his ...

  • A woman tries to detonate a bomb at a re... Theory of Catastrophes


    This is a story of home grown terrorists targeting the area around the Kremlin in Moscow. Late night, a young woman had tried to enter a restaurant on a central Moscow street. Something about her beha...

  • Criminal Acts in Vladivostok Theory of Catastrophes


    On uneventful Spring morning, Vladivostok police get a tip that three men suspected in a brutal armed attack on local Chinese merchants are thought to be hiding in a nearby apartment building. Police ...

  • The tragedy at an air show in Levashovo Theory of Catastrophes


    It's June of 2001. And tragedy is in the air at the Levashovo Airfield near St. Petersburg. That morning, pilots of an elite squadron were preparing for an airshow performance. What they didn't know...

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